Sydney Rock Bus Tour

Part 1 Hello. When I’m not trying to contribute something worthwhile to society, I pretend to be a singer in a band. This I have done for 20 or so years, even at one stage brushing the national consciousness like an accidental groper on the peak hour train. In my long flirtation with the outer end of showbiz I have met some very interesting people, and of course, some dullards and popinjays of the worst kind. One of the least preening and consequently most worthwhile is a chap called Colin, who runs Sydney Charter Bus Pty Ltd. Colin has driven me a number of times on my travels – or perhaps that’s travails – to the rock monuments of Sydney, and always with a cheerful and intelligent anecdote. When I think about travel in Sydney, my mind always returns to the view from Colin’s charter bus window. After all, it’s the only way I remember the place, a particularly jaundiced, tunnel-visioned view of the city, but I guess it makes a change from Getaway. So here it is: Sydney through the windows of the rock tour bus. I apologise in advance for penning the least revelatory or even accurate portrayal of this huge and complex city. I will not get to the heart of Sydney’s shifting personality. I will not explore the cultural nuances that separate Sydney and Melbourne – or the fact that there are none. I will not bring you the characters of the street, as in a Don Walker or Tim Freedman lyric, or paint a portrait as vivid and challenging as Whiteley in his Yellow House years. Nope. Apart from a couple of childhood holidays in the North Ryde Caravan Park, I have seen a very small part of Sydney many many times. The same handful of roads. The same Sydney tour bus windows. The same destinations. I’m like the businessman who tours the world and has only ever seen conference rooms and virtual whiteboards. My seminars, however, were always in stinkypoo rock venues. Same rigid set of rules. Different dress code. There is a slightly flat feeling that sets in when you finally go to Greenwich Village in New York, and instead of being infused with the spirit of the young Robert Zimmerman or James Marshall Hendrix, you just feel like you’re in Fitzroy or Darlinghurst. So it is with rock venues: despite all the mythologizing, CBGBs isn’t all that different to the Annandale Hotel. But that’s OK. I make that point because you don’t have to travel overseas for some true rock architecture. Next time your tour bus takes you west of Sydney along the Parramatta Road, past this history-soaked venue, you should doff your hat and pay some respect, if only for the long, winding list of musical ghosts haunting its suitably dark interiors. Even though the owner, on the hotel website, says “Our gaol was to support Australia’s emerging talent” I think he’s referring to the artistic goal, not the confined spaces. There’s another way in which the Annandale is similar to CBGBs – it’s an endangered species. The New York club, famous for launching the careers of Blondie, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, et al, closed its doors in 2006 after a dispute with the Bowery Residents’ Committee. This is the spectre on the shoulder of all inner city rock venues – the emergence of the city-dwelling groover who likes these suburbs because of their ‘character’, then wants to remove said ‘character’ when it interrupts their sleep. Judging by the desperate pleas on the website for punters to behave responsibly upon leaving the premises etc etc, the Annandale’s hold on existence is a tenuous one. Better tell your tour bus driver to hit the Parramatta Road while you still can. Part 2 available on the website.

Reasons to Tour San Francisco by Tour Bus

One of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy and closely view the amazing places in San Francisco is by traveling in a city tour bus. San Francisco is a compact city, and the best means of obtaining an intimate experience, as preferred by many travel agents, is via a commercial tour. Regardless whether you are a local American or a visitor from another country, you will find San Francisco as an enchanting city and its panoramic surroundings leave an indelible impression in your mind. All types of tourists can learn richly about the City by the Bay when they take San Francisco bus tours. There are quite a few knowledgeable tour bus drivers who can provide you with valuable information about the city and the number of unique neighborhoods and adjoining districts like Chinatown, Japan town, Haight-Ashbury, the Castro, and Nob Hill just offer a wonderful experience to tour. The other notable attractions you will see are the famous twisting Lombard Street and the city’s quaint cable car system, the Golden Gate Bridge renowned for its architectural splendor. Fisherman’s Wharf is a unique amalgam of sights, sounds, and scents. There are many places which offer you amazing shopping and fabulous eateries. Some bus tour companies will also offer one-day tours outside San Francisco to various popular spots like Muir woods and Sausalito, Carmel, wine country and Yosemite. With its majestic peaks and picturesque waterfalls, Yosemite is a beautiful tourist spot in the National Park system. When you visit Yosemite in a bus line charter, you will also learn about the history of the park, as well as to view the same vistas that renowned photographer Ansel Adams captured decades ago. Whether you’re with a large group in a charter bus rental or you’re traveling alone with other visitors in a tour charter bus – it is the perfect way to spend a leisurely day visiting California’s premier wine country. There are San Francisco charter bus companies that offer Alcatraz tours, to let you learn about the history of some of the country’s most notorious criminals who were housed at the maximum-security prison. You will also pick up first-hand information about the military uses of Alcatraz, and the unique flora and fauna that is found on the island. If you are part of a group of people on a tour and planning to spend a night out in San Francisco and the Bay Area, the ideal way is to hire a limousine party bus. A party bus can carry from 10 to 50 passengers in ultimate comfort. Usually a party bus is designed for larger groups of people and is equipped with cozy seats, fully equipped built-in bars, and large windows for large-scale viewing, sound systems, plasma televisions, DVD player, disco lights, and also smoke machines. Many party buses will permit you to smoke and drink on board. You can enjoy iconic San Francisco landmarks aboard an authentic English Double Decker Bus! If you opt for the Golden Gate Loop bus tour, it will drive through the Presidio, Cannery, Ghirardelli Square, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco Marina, and along Fisherman’s Wharf. The Downtown Loop bus tour goes through North Beach and Lombard Street. If you choose the Park Loop, you can see many of San Francisco’s famous sites including St Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco’s Japantown, Alamo Square, Japanese Tea Gardens, Haight & Ashbury, California Academy of Sciences and more. No matter which tour you go on, be sure to do all the research necessary to find the best tour for you. Buy only from a legitimate tour company and not from a reseller to avoid needless complications

Discovering Washington D.C. With Student Travel Tours

Students of American history all want to go to Washington D.C. it being the capitol of the nation is full of history and heritage. Fantastic Tours and Travel organize ideal student travel tours to Washington. Washington D.C. Tour Program Washington is filled with historic monuments, government buildings and cultural centers. Tour packages offered include three days package, two days package and one day packages. Usually a local guide arranged by the agency meets the students at the airport or bus station and takes them on a tour of the city. The first day of a three day student tour package beings this way. The students are taken to places like the Peterson House, the Supreme Court, the National Archives and other important buildings in the city including the White House and the Congress. After the dinner that night the students are allowed to check into a hotel. The next day begins with a sumptuous breakfast and a visit to George Washington’s house – Mount Vernon. The second day tour also includes a visit to some important museums like the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the International Spy Museum and Newseum. The day ends with a good dinner and a night tour of the important monuments and memorials which look quite breathtaking in the night light. The final day starts with a tram journey to Arlington Cemetery and visits to the cultural centers like the Smithsonian museums as well as an IMAX Theatre show. The three day Washington, D.C. student travel itinerary covers all the important spots and ensures that no stone is left uncovered. The two day tour is a smaller version of the three day tour and includes an option to go on a dinner dance cruise. One day packages come in two or three categories. The first package includes a tour of the important memorials like the Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson and World War II Memorials, and a tour of the Smithsonian Museums. There is another package that includes the tour if the monuments and the tram journey to Arlington. Another tour option available is a three day combined tour of Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Baltimore is visited on the second day of the tour and includes a visit to the National Aquarium and Ride the Ducks Tour of Baltimore. The most important thing about the student travel tours offered by Fantastic Tours and Travel is that is well planned giving attention to minute detail. The tour guides accompanying the students are well experienced with intricate knowledge about the history and importance of each of the places visited. To offer. Through the tours students are able to physically visit the places of historical importance without much botheration. Students can spend quality time in these places, take down notes and also take pictures. So, the student travel tours offer a great opportunity to delve more into the history of the United States, especially Washington D.C.

Maxime the Experience in Washington, DC Via Tour Buses

Washington, DC is an affordable and fascinating place to visit, and with the current upheaval in the federal government, the time presents a powerful learning experience. Regardless of your political bent, express your patriotic interests with a visit to Washington, DC with tour buses to help maximize the experience. Group-Friendly Conveyance Choosing service from DC Charter Bus Companies provides advantageous service for groups at affordable rates. Your party won’t be limited by numbers; neither will you have to secure several rentals. Our stock of machines can readily hold any number of riders, and every fleet member is newer, high quality, and comprehensively insured. We maintain our rides for your satisfaction, both mechanically and aesthetically. No Driver Fatigue or Anxiety Another advantage to using professional travel arrangements during your capital visit is being able to ride without the chore of driving. Maneuvering and locating parking through the city is especially difficult when you’re not familiar with a city, and when you are riding with a large group, the experience is the opposite of relaxing. Because this trip should encourage relationship building and focus on the experience, using our professional chauffeurs to get to the set destinations in a timely way while you relax and participate in the companionship and view. Our chauffeurs are all drug monitored, background verified, and diligently trained, so the safety of your group is also enhanced. Maintain Energy End your capital visit with the same level of energy as when you begin. This stamina is possible when you entrust your driver to do the work, and you relish the comfort of our vehicles. We provide recliner seats, a designated baggage area, and plenty of passenger space. Your group will be comfortable and not cramped. Moreover, you can take advantage of optional water onboard as well as the services of an on-site coordinator. Flexible Arrangements As you finalize your touring plans, take advantage of the flexibility offered through our customer support staff. We aim to customize service and make our agents available around the clock to assist with modifications. Whether you have questions, problems, or requests, expect our agents to deal with your issues in an expedited and friendly manner. While visiting DC with professional travel arrangements, focus on other required accommodations. You can book with us within a few minutes online, so you can spend your time making other important arrangements. You make the plans, and we’ll see that your trip’s travel is protected. Washington, DC is an affordable and fascinating place to visit, and with the current upheaval in the federal government, the time presents a powerful learning experience. Regardless of your political bent, express your patriotic interests with a visit to Washington, DC with tour buses to help maximize the experience. Group-Friendly Conveyance Choosing service from DC Charter Bus Companies provides advantageous service for groups at affordable rates. Your party won’t be limited by numbers; neither will you have to secure several rentals. Our stock of machines can readily hold any number of riders, and every fleet member is newer, high quality, and comprehensively insured. We maintain our rides for your satisfaction, both mechanically and aesthetically.

Voice Your Dissent in Washington DC Via Tour Buses

Regardless of your political bent, the extremes are becoming the norm. With an absent moderate group, extremists’ voices seem to be the loudest. We’ll facilitate transportation for your group whether you would like to honor significant patriotic memorials or attend a patriotic protest via Washington DC Tour Buses. Non-Partisan Transportation We don’t care about your political affiliation. You can be pro-choice, anti-abortion, or indifferent; we view you as equal passengers who deserve quality rides to your destinations. The level of service isn’t going to change depending on your plans, and we don’t judge your intentions. You can be sure that we won’t leave you at the curb once we determine that your goals don’t meet with our approval. Absolutely Reliable Transportation With a group of vehicles offering various sizes and styles, you’ll be able to choose a vehicle best suited to your group’s needs. Mechanics don’t fluctuate across the fleet because the entire group is well cared for and in stellar condition, fully bonded, insured, and licensed. Older models are done away with, and newer models come in to take the place.Arrangements with DC Charter Bus Companies will make your protest experience easy to plan. Efficient Transportation Prompt arrival to your protest should be important. Traveling to make your voice heard is a big deal for most citizens who have to take time from work, children, and other obligations. We value your time, no matter why you’re traveling, and will efficiently deliver you from one place to the other, according to your terms and schedule. Our drivers are drug tested, background verified, area knowledgeable, and skillfully credentialed. Worry about your signs rather than the driver. Supported Transportation Customer satisfaction comes through obliging and customer-focused support. These agents bridge the distance between reality and expectations. Address any inquiries, requests, or complaints at any time of day with our around the clock agents, and experience immediate satisfaction. We personalize service just as you customize your protests. Americans are passionate about the concerns of their heart, but in the end, we all love our country and want the best for it. Making opinions clear is how citizens put ideas into action. You can organize your peaceful protest in DC with professional transportation. Republican or Democrat, Blue or Black Lives Matter, we view you as Americans and passengers. Regardless of your political bent, the extremes are becoming the norm. With an absent moderate group, extremists’ voices seem to be the loudest. We’ll facilitate transportation for your group whether you would like to honor significant patriotic memorials or attend a patriotic protest via Washington DC Tour Buses. Non-Partisan Transportation We don’t care about your political affiliation. You can be pro-choice, anti-abortion, or indifferent; we view you as equal passengers who deserve quality rides to your destinations. The level of service isn’t going to change depending on your plans, and we don’t judge your intentions. You can be sure that we won’t leave you at the curb once we determine that your goals don’t meet with our approval.

When To Tour Yellowstone National Park

Depending on what you weather you prefer, most seasons are perfect for traveling to Yellowstone National Park. Fall, winter and summer are the seasons most would recommend for exploring the park, with mid-June being the most suggested month. Take advantage of what nature has to offer as you fish, camp, enjoy wildlife, and hike. Relish in the company of blooming wildflowers at this time and enjoy the comfortable, warm weather and cool nights. However, this is the most popular time for tourists to venture to Yellowstone, so you may be accompanied by crowds of tourists as well as wildlife. Be warned of the abundance of trailers who haul to the park every summer. If you still want to brave the crowds, travel before mid-June or after Labor Day to avoid being bombarded by too many people.

Spring and winter are probably least ideal seasons to visit the park, as visitors may be unwillingly greeted with cold and snow. It also isn’t rare to have many rainy days during this time, resulting in trails smeared with mud and snow. If you are seeking a more economical vacation, Fall would be a great time for you to travel Yellowstone. Because it is an off season, most lodging and restaurant rates are lower. The beautiful Aspen trees also turn a brilliant gold shade.

Also be mindful of closed roads that are inevitable for reconstruction around the park. Mammoth Hot Springs is the only road open year-round. In addition to the closed roads, snowplowing may prohibit traveling by vehicles also, and this usually begins in March and end around April.

Whatever season you choose to visit Yellowstone promises to grant you an unparalleled view of wildlife, geysers, and mountainous landscapes.

Now that you know the best time to experience this magnificent national park, it’s time to start planning and preparing for your Yellowstone tour, so that you make the most out of your visit!

Why Taking A Bus Tour Is A Great Way To Travel

There are many ways to travel. Some people like to see the world by hopping a flight to some far off destination and then hopping on a cab to check out the local hotspots. Others prefer to board a cruise when they take a trip to Hawaii or some tropical locale. However, one of the best methods of taking a tour remains taking a bus tour. Taking a tour by bus allows you to take your tour and see it from a different point of view. Check out some of the other reasons to take a bus tour below:

• Someone else is handling the driving. This can be especially useful in areas that you’re no familiar with, such as overseas. It’s also helpful for conditions that you would rather avoid, such as traffic and weather.

• Tour guides are a great source of knowledge for the area you’re visiting. They’ll give you a running commentary of the area you’re visiting.

• A planned itinerary to maximize for both your time on the tour and also to make sure you get to see all of the key sights that you want to visit.

• Taking a bus tour can be a lot cheaper than traveling on your own. Your tour will likely include accommodations, food, a driver and of course, the gas, which in itself can be quite expensive. Think about how much money you’d be saving on the price of renting a car and booking a hotel room alone.

• Busses are very comfortable. They have upgraded seats, onboard restrooms, controlled temperatures and sometimes televisions in the headrests.

• Booking a tour now can save you a lot of money by locking your costs in place before prices rise up.

• Traveling by bus can allow you to enjoy other activities while riding the bus. While you’re riding along, you can pull out your favorite gadget and kill time. You can listen to your iPod, play your PSP or any other time-killing fun activity to enjoy while taking your tour of Yellowstone or anywhere else you’re traveling to. Just try to be considerate and not play your Britney Spears CD too loud since you’re sharing close quarters with other passengers.

• Take a nap. If you’re traveling on a bus, you can take a nap and catch up on some shuteye to save some energy before the next stop on your tour.

• Some seats will have power outlets so that you can charge your electronics while you ride. If you’re lucky, you might even come across a bus that has wi-fi so you can take advantage of the wireless Internet feature available, too.

• If you’re the kind of person who enjoys talking to others tour-taking people, you’ll love the opportunity to converse with others who obviously have a similar interest with you as they are headed to the same destinations. You’ll be able to share stories, tips, ideas, and other fun information.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to take a bus tour of Las Vegas or any other tour to see the world. Se all of the destinations and sights you’ve always wanted to see while someone else does the driving by hopping aboard a bus and taking a tour today!

Yellowstone National Park

Established on March 1, 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant, Yellowstone National Park was the first national park established in the world. And throughout its glorious history, millions of visitors have taken to its many spectacular features including the waterfalls, geysers and rock formations that have made this natural wonder the highlight of many tourists’ trips. And because of these fantastic features, Yellowstone has long been one of the favorite places for people to visit when taking a vacation. And with that, here are some of the top places to make sure you visit when booking your tour of Yellowstone:

Old Faithful

For good reason, Old Faithful is the most popular place to visit when taking a trip to Yellowstone. Visitors to this world-famous geyser will witness its eruption and have an opportunity to walk around the Upper Geyser Basin to see some of the other geysers in the area as well as a walk around the boardwalks

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

While not as big as the one you would see when taking a Grand Canyon tour, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon is breathtaking. The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon is the most photographed feature of Yellowstone. At 308 feet high, this spectacular water fall is truly breathtaking. Make sure to take time to venture to both sides of the falls and take in all of the scenery that this attraction has to offer.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Featuring some of the oldest buildings in the Park, this site contains the Park’s headquarters and dates back to the days that the United States Army managed this historic national park. Allow yourself enough time to drop by the Visitor’s Center to watch a film, browse the Center’s history exhibit and more. And if you’re lucky, see if you can catch a glimpse of the elk that are often seen grazing on the lawns Mammoth Village.

Tower Fall

Other than the Lower Falls covered above, Tower Fall is the most popular waterfall in Yellowstone. Located behind the General Store, Tower Fall provides a tremendous view. However, the true beauty behind this location is when you hike down to the basin of the Fall. Take a hike down to the bottom and enjoy the grand experience that this destination can offer.

Yellowstone Lake

Huge bodies of water are always popular and Yellowstone Lake truly is one. This lake is the largest high-altitude lake in the lower 48 states and features a tremendous view of snow-capped mountains across the lake.

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

With white rocks layered and piled like tiers of a wedding cake surrounding shallow pools of hot springs, Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces is one of the top sights to take in when going on a Yellowstone trip. Enjoy the orange, blue, green, blue and yellow pools of hot spring water and take in the sulfur-scented floats and take in the warmth these provide to visitors on cooler days of the year.

Old Faithful Inn

One of Yellowstone sights, this Inn provides a fantastic view of Old Faithful’s eruptions from this Inn’s second-floor balcony and is one of the most charming places to visit when visiting Yellowstone.

A Travel Tour Bus Is The Best Way To See The Countries

Booking a travel tour bus to travel through parts of Canada and the United States is possibly the best way to see the countries and some of the most fantastic sights and views in the world. Removing the stress of driving and map reading from the experience allows the traveller to sit back, relax and enjoy the sights.

There are a great many tour operators offering a wide range of packages and routes to suit any budget. Unfortunately, the routes tend to be set and may not always visit specific areas of interest to the traveller. But side trips can always be arranged if there is a set stop nearby and the time available to make the extra trip worth while.

When planning a tour, browse through the various tour information sections to pick out the routes that take in places that appeal most to a traveller. Many popular tour routes will travel through New York, Boston, Washington, then over the border into Canada and with stops in Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls.

With overnight stays and time to explore in many places the opportunities for sight seeing and shopping are endless. New York offers Broadway and the many entertaining live shows, as well as Central Park and Fifth Avenue with Macy and Bloomingdale stores for browsing and some expensive shopping. The views when crossing the bridge into Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty are excellent.

Washington offers many famous and historical buildings to visit, including the White House and many of the Government and State buildings display magnificent architectural features. The history and current day politics make this an important and busy city well worth visiting.

Boston is an elegant and beautiful city which has a European flavour. There is no shortage of historical buildings and beautiful parks to visit and a wide variety of international cuisines to choose from.

Over the border into Canada and Toronto is an exciting and exhilarating city and is any shoppers paradise. It offers an eclectic range of shopping experiences with the many markets and individual traders offering everything you can think off.

Montreal is based on an island in the St Laurence River and has an interesting history and reputation which was built up during the prohibition years. Its many historical buildings and sites are worth a visit. Montreal is in the Quebec province and is famous for its French connections.

Niagara Falls which is one of the worlds most famous tourist attractions sits on the border between New York and Toronto. The falls consist of three separate water falls, each one as spectacular as the next. A visit not to be missed.

These are only a very few of the cities and historical and interesting sites that the United States and Canada have to offer and only cover a very small fraction of both countries. Travellers could spend many of their annual holidays periods on a travel tour bus and still not have seen or visited all of the places or interest in these two massive countries.

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Experience the Best Washington Tour Bus Trips

There is no other place like Washington; this city, the capital of America, houses the White House where the president of America lives. There are numerous museums that you can go and experience and many famous landmarks. This is what makes Washington DC a truly American city.

If you would like to travel to Washington DC I would recommend that tour go by bus for the simple reason that you will be able to experience everything in Washington in this way, without having to worry about traffic or parking. You will also be entertained during your whole trip in and around Washington D.C. by a knowledgeable tour guide. The tour guide will give you juicy tidbits about Washington D.C that you would have never known if you traveled in your own car.

Is this not the way you would like to experience Washington D.C.?

I do understand that you may have an issue traveling with 40 or 50 other people in a bus, but if you think about it properly this is the perfect way to travel with people who have the same interest as you. It really does not matter if you want to experience all the cultural aspects or just the night life. You will travel with like-minded people, which is truly fantastic!

Here are some interesting places to visit in Washington D.C.:

The International Spy Museum, but of course where else in the world would you find a spy museum. Washington is the capital of the spy world I’m sure everyone would love to experience. I highly recommend a tour. You will be taken into the Spy school and briefed so that you can get to your objectives quickly and secretly.

There is also the world famous Smithsonian Institution which consists of 19 museums, 9 research centers and over 140 affiliated museums around the world. It is the largest and most technological museum in the world. To enjoy the Smithsonian Institution properly it is advised that you plan ahead and arrive before the museums open; they all generally open around 10:00am and close 17:30pm. Your first stop should definitely be the Smithsonian Castle as it is the most central place to begin. From there you can head off in any direction.

There is even a Washington DC twilight evening tour. This will enable you to then visit several memorials and key sightseeing areas at night time allowing you to stop and take photos and experience Washington DC at night. This has to be the tour bus trip of a lifetime because you will get key information whilst aboard the tour bus.

I highly recommend that you make use of an online booking system in order to experience any of these are bus trips in Washington DC. This is very important as you will know exactly what you will be given with each tour package. You will also know what to expect from the tour and that they are no hidden surprises. It also makes sense to book at in advance, and with a reputable booking service. This booking service offers live support on the website as well as previous travelers reviews on their travel experience. Why would you want to book anywhere else if you have all the information you need at your fingertips so you can, to book your Washington DC tour bus trip simply and easily.

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